The Gigantic Lizard is a mutant animal about 120 feet long that lives in an ocean and accidentaly got exposured by Chu Sing Ling's bacteria.

History: Created by runoff from Chu Sing Ling’s bacterial cultures, this horror rose from the depths of the bay searching for food and found the madman and a few of his henchmen chasing Jade, Dr. Quest and his family by motor boat. Overcome with fear, the men ran for land, scuttling their boat in the process. Reacting to the movement, the monster gave chase. The henchmen opened fire with their rifles to no effect and it devoured them!

With only Chu Sing Ling in sight, the monster followed him to a series of high tension electrical wires and while reaching for the doctor, became entangled. In the ensuing explosion both the madman and the monster were destroyed.


The gigantic lizard was killed when it ran into the high volate wire and Chu Sing Ling died with it.




  • There is another mutant lizard that lives in Chu Sing Ling's lab, but this one is smaller like the spider and the crab (about 8 feet tall), while the lizard that attacked Chu Sing Ling is about the size of a skyscraper.