Eve belage


A Caucasian female with curly brown hair, wearing a blue uniform with Quest Station insignia.

"Jonny Quest versus the Cyber Insects"Edit

Dr. Eve Belage was the chief scientist aboard Quest Station, who was involved in various environmental research for the betterment of Earth. She was also involved in the study and recreation of the prehistoric assassin bug pseliopus cinctus anticus for medicinal purposes. When Dr. Napoleon Zin's stealth satellite began disrupting Earth's weather patterns, Dr. Quest came aboard Quest Station along with 4-DAC (who, no one knew, had been infected with a computer virus by Number 426).

When Zin captured the space station and brought it aboard his asteroid, Belage and Quest were taken by Zin and shown his work with mutating and mechanically enhancing insects, and he also stole Belage's work with the pseliopus to create his deadly Assassinoids. Afterward Zin hooked up Belage and Quest's brains to his computer in an attempt to drain their minds of all useful information before killing them, but they were saved when Jonny Quest overrode the computer with a vius similar to the one used on 4-DAC, freeing Dr. Belage and his father.


The group subsequently escaped aboard a shuttle and returned Quest Station to orbit before the asteroid exploded following a battle. Afterward Belage resumed her botanical research but kept a single larval specimen of one of Zin's Assassinoids for further study.


Dr. Belage was voiced by Theresa Saldana.