―Dr. Kareem as Jonny and Hadji are going into the tomb where Race and Dr. Quest are held.

Dr. Ahmed Kareem served as the villain for the original Jonny Quest series episode: The Curse of Anubis.

Biography Edit

The Curse of AnubisEdit

Dr. Kareem's early life is unknown since he first appeared in The Curse of Anubis. Dr. Kareem summoned Dr. Quest, family, and Race to Egypt, telling them to come to see his latest find: the remains of a lost city. However, Kareem had other plans for them. Kareem planed to lock Race and Dr. Quest down in a tomb in the remains of the lost city with some adders and one of Anubis' treasures so they could be framed for the crime of stealing one of Anubis' treasures. Then he wanted to sneak back into the tomb and steal the treasures for himself. His plans would have succeeded unless Jonny and Hadji hadn't stopped the adders and saved Dr. Quest and Race.

Death Edit

In a rage, Kareem started to shoot at them in an attempt to kill, but Anubis' mummy showed up and punished Kareem for his dastardly deed. Anubis' mummy caused a cave-in, both were crushed by rocks and killed.

Persona Edit

Kareem wears common Egyptian clothing along with a red Egyptian hat. He has black hair with whiting temples and a small mustache.

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