Arctic Splashdown in the second episode in the 1964 Series. It was also the first appearance of Hadji.

Plot Edit

Dr. Quest must travel to the artic region to recover a downed missile and to try to deduct why it grounded. At the same time, a foreign submarine crew races the Quests to the site. Shortly after the Quests arrive on the scene, the enemies make their presence known. While they aren't paying attention Dr. Quest reactivates the self destruct feature of the missile, hoping to destroy it, as to not allow the Directional Computer to fall into the hands of the spies. Inside the missile Dr. Quest attacks the enemies and makes an escape. As the spies try to stop the doctor with a pistol, the missile detonates, killing them all. In the end Dr. Quest is optimistic about the loss, by saying that a newer better missile could be built.